Thursday, August 17, 2006

Nothing much

I'm still working on my thesis. Seems that right now I'm knee deep in problems, sort of low prices, wide choice. Was this piece of crap made in the 1390's in Italy or 'first half of 15th century' in a local workshop in Norrland? OK, maybe such details won't change te world but for me it means a lot. And as for that statue, no-one has hitherto bothered to state which tree was used.
And for most of the world, this stuff is incredibly boring, yesterday I came home and started talking about this st. Birgitta from Skederid and the only result was that mom told me to shut up and started to talk about floor varnish and things. Who the hell is interested in floor varnish... It was an interesting evening I came home quite late and they probably were already heated up by some previous discussions so shortly after my arrival they started to argue who is more stupid. It started with some problems concerning construction of doorsteps and really, then they started accusing each other of being idiots.
I left to read and knit.