Monday, August 07, 2006


The boss told me to take a week off. Something is stuck ( I have a vague idea what is stuck. I'd prefer to keep it vague) and she cannot invent any more work for me now. So it means that some of the thesis written and no money earned. I'll have to squeeze something out of the parents. Regarding that I've spent some 2000 czk on yarn again (end of summer sales, you know, and when there're 70%discounts... and I cancelled the order for the hitherto undelivered helluva expensive tape yarn, ordering something similar made of moreless cotton (dyeable) for less than half price so I'll get my tape top anyway.....). I'll check whether there's some user friendly boutique so that I could sell some of the products, Katarina's sister works in something like that...
Katarina came to call. She was in the neighboring village for a weekend and just dropped in. I gave her all my sorted-out clothes (as I desribed it last week), she was totally happy that she'll sort it out somehow, that her sister is in a remaking mood and that stuff which couldn't be used somehow can be exchanged with neighbours (after all, there was some brand stuff, we're a posh family after all:-)) for homemade pear brandy or something likewise useful. Tähti was happy too, there was someone who smelled of cats and general goodness.. and was dressed in black:-) so after five minutes of peeking from behind the chair she seated herself in Katarina's lap and was social. Katarina was enthusiastic. That the kitty is cute and sweet and elegant and whatever.
It was raining all day long and as I was walking around a bit, I got wet. The unwashed silk yarn of my sweater started to smell like a compost. Or a wet haystack. ON the other hand wet wool smells like wet sheep:-)