Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I've installed a counter on this blog (thanx, Sergio) and to my own surprise I discovered that there's people coming.
And, needing to sort out the everyday crap from serious crap, there's another blog. Not very serious, but about art.
I had a nice day. I went to the Archdiocesan Museum, it was open ij June and I haven't been there yet. It was cool, the new parts of the buildings are really good (There'll be some pics and things on teh art blog, someday, I was in one part on some tour for architects adn I have quite good pics. Already scanned somewhere) but the inside.. well, I was interested in the medieval stuff (as always) and I didn't like the tags. I could haggle about some attributions but what was quite annoying was lack of basic informations like material of the works. But the general impressions was good.
I walked a bit, found a nice edition of Michelangelo's sonnets, from 1941, bought a vase (well, something from the 80's, judging inexpertly from the shape) but quite nice and got some art books, one on Anonio Ciampelli, the guy who did some wall paintings in Il gesu in Rome, whose cartons ended up for whatever the reason in Olomouc library, and one on French manuscripts. The Ciampelli one was available only in Italian, they already sold out the Czech version, and as such it was heavily discounted*
And I did next to nothing about my studies and writing... again.

*Do you see why it is important to know languages?