Monday, July 31, 2006

I went to get a life

On Saturday the weather gods were merciful and when I went to Brno to see the Biennale of graphic design, the weather was just very warm, not the torrid heat of the last days. I was happy as a child, I haven't gone for a trip for my pleasure for sooo long, lasttime, as far as I reckon, somewhere sometime in Italy. Since, it was eihter some sort of excursion which sucked more or less, teh school trips more, those with my art historian friend (I have to rethink whether I'll go on calling him friend) Sojka who has an unsettling tendency to tell me what to do, how to do it and what to think about it which results in my unsettling tendency to screw his head off. And, a trip with someone who thinks to be the smartest in the worlds... anyway. I went for a trip.
I had to meet Katarina, too. I haven't seen her since she was in Prague in November although we agreed on a workshop on landscape painting and other things but it somehow didn't happen. So we were hanging around together, she's an art historian, an artist and a particularly nice person so we had wild debates about posters, graphic design in general, visual culture in even more general, I promised her all my old clothes because she is one of the recyclers who love second-hand stores, her sister studies fashion design and she's happy to adjust anything and they have their recycler friends.... so I promised her all the stuff I don't want anymore. We agreed on the workshop date (approximate), she promised to make me some name stickers for the books, we had a picnic in the courtyard of the Design centrum where the exhibition of Catherine Zask was.... and the exhibition was the peak of the day. I love this sort fo things. Letters, simple solid colours... like candies for the eyes. Sso we made a tourist pic.