Friday, August 04, 2006

Office life

Yesterday I caught cold from a colleague. He claimed to nave it caught from the airconditioning but I don't believe it. I sit closer to the thing and I got cold when the heats gave in and rains started. Whatever the source, my nose and the cavities around are blocked by snot, my eyes resemble those of an used cosmetic rabbit and feel accordignly.
We're working on some stuff for teachers. The guys are putting together the links ('and for the theme Humans and their surroundinsg use the article in biology 5, page 47 on the left') and I'm doing templates for projects. Teachers are basically lazy so the aim is to get them everything instant, to have something to copy and distribute. I'm struggling thru something named like 'Europe has different pieces which differ from the other pieces'. Maybe I'm overestimating the kids but working on something like Reindeers live north/south/east from us which is Spain/Finland/wherever would have made me entertained for two minutes, it's all aobut crossing out the wrong things.... So I was toying with the layout and things and late in teh afternoon there was a blackout and the server collapsed. As I needed to connect to the network, I hung around for a while, then gave in and went home. Today I realized that the whole file got damaged, cannot be opened.. so my whole day's work is gone.

Quote of the day: 'The capital of Finland is Tampere, isn't it." (the editor in chief)