Friday, August 11, 2006

New arrivals

Eight skeins of ghastly green viscose tape. Viscose dyes nicely. And eight balls of bllue and white tape. The problem is that I have no ideas for tape at around now. But it was such a bargain that I couldn't resist. Its time will come, sure. And some more tape (another sale elsewhere) is coming, for a price even more bargainy.. and the silk yarn for normal, albeit incredible price... I'm getting it for czk 27 per ball, in one shop I saw it for 51 and in another for 80. Robbery. Anyway, I checked this store again today -they have a huge, get-me-rid-of-it-all sale. So I ordered another 8 skeins of pure alpaca (ghastly turquoise green, at least it appeared so on the pic), and some very mohairy mohair, ghastly baby pink..... but all this dyes nicely.
Speaking of dyeing, the remaining Angel yarn is immersed in brine with the dyes (salt-fixed ones, as you might guess, more domfy that the vinegar-fixed ones, the process doesn't smell), being processed to the irregularly colored almost-a-miracle. I confess, I'm fascinated by it.
And, most importantly of all, I startder writing my thesis. Not jsut making odd notes, but really writing, real text. I couldn't produce something sensible but I discovered that my main mistake was beginning from the beginning. So, one day I took a piece of paper, put down the actual structure and realized that I have lots to write about, started with the Italy part... and intro comes later. That's it.