Monday, August 07, 2006

Another Monday, another bad hair day (I should do something about my hair). I still have a cold but it's at least getting a bit better, it's been raining all weekend long.. so I was sitting at home, knitting, studying and avoiding people.
And yes, I know, it's not absolutely correct to come to work, check e-mails, write a blog entry, make a coffee and then start really doing something. but I have nothing to do, the stuff I started on Friday was to be checked by the editor in chief and she's having her morning coffee at her home.*
Anyway, I knit half of a sweater... or rather a smaller half (mathematicians, don't come killing, It's a figure of speech). And I cannot continue, need to dye the remaining yarn first. And get some more. This is made of five skeins and I have five more. And should they have more... meantime I got paid fo July, you see, and this mohair/alpaca/something is a real bargain.
I'm adding another pic of the tree sweater. i just cannot sort of arrange it so that the pattern would be visible and it would look nice. So this one is approximately ok. And Tähti resides at her favorite place which happens to be my chair and looks cute. She's a real expert on looking cute. She even is cute although it doesn't mean that she couldn't be pretty mean, likepressing her wet cold nose against mine at 3 am when I'm fast asleep just for the heck of it.
I'm starting to be repetitive... the cat, me, yarn, another yarn.... I promise, I'll try to go out and have some life... someday. Today Katarina should be coming so there'll be something up, maybe.
(And, I plan to start another blog. On art. As soon as I'll get to the scanner to digitalize my pics froom Italy... don't expect it too soon, though. You know me.)

*The editor in chief came, asked what was I doing, I said sorting out the picture archive, i have nothing to do. She told me that she has no time to explain me all the stuff and that I do anyhting I need to for my thesis or something. So, I'm allowed to idle around.