Friday, August 04, 2006

Every day is a bad hair day

I finished the tree sweater. A few weeks ago. It was so hot that I didnt't feel like trying it. Today morning I guessed tahtI might feel a bit cold so I took it. A colleague of mine who saw it thrown acrosss a chair was totally enthusiastic and even more totaly enthusiastic when she asked wehre I got it and I replied that I made it by myself. (I'll have to make her repeat it when my mom is within the hearing range) I should put down the pattern but the problem is that I basically cannot knit. I mean, I can knit, but not in the knitters' way. When I was six, mom taught me how to knit&purl, probably hoping that I'd shut up for a while. All the rest is a simple exercise in topology - I just imagine how I'd like the thing to look and then I find a way how to get the result. I have no idea about knitting properly, with all the terminology and stuff. So, should someone want the pattern, leave a note in the comments and as soon as there's someone to do the photography, I'll make pics.
The hibiscus is a specimen of our office flora, by the way. And the shelf is an example of our ordinate and clear filing system. The files are probably extracted by a hayfork.
And I'm grinning. Along with the proverbally bad hair of mine, it makes me look retarded.. but I'm used to it, don't worry.