Thursday, August 03, 2006

Work in progress

I went home early yesterday. I had, thus, time to: work out, socialize with Tähti, study and knit.I made pics of things but uploads don't cooperate again...
The results of my dyeing session were already mentioned... so, this is the kingfisher batch of Ganique yarn, alpaca, mohair, poly something, thin, knotty, will have to be knitted double... but doesn't matter. I used the La nave dyes, light blue, violet (for the dark blue shade when mixed with the light blue) and light green (which produced nice malachite green wool, to be shown when I feel like it) to give it some depth. I'll make a tunic of it as soon as I have some unemploued size 5 circulars. And some idea for the pattern.
Two months ago I ordered some tape yarn which is still totally sold out both in the shop and from the supplier. It was a bit more expensive than my usual standards (which can be stated as ' buy something as natural as possible and give it the expensive fancy touch yourself) and it still is not. I planned to make a summer top from it. Seems that summer is over, it's raining outside and the forecast promises 50 mm for today (i. e. local floods) but anyway. When I was cleaning, I found some leftovers of blue (La nave, light blue) silk, teh garment made of it disapeared somewhere.. but I ripped the leftovers to strips and started knitting it. Everything can be knitted, basically. I ran out of material pretty soon, of course.... Long time ago, some 20 years, if you want to be exact, I read a redcipe how to make a sweater from old bed linen or something, which run like this: Get seven meters of calico and rip it to 1.5 cm wide strips. (Could be, lemme think, three old sheets)... Anyway, I'll have to drop at the art supplies store to check the silk, I just hope they have some.
And, the book underneath is Birgitta i Vadstena, open on the pages with a Birgitta cycle from the Tensta church. Shlould someone know something on wall painting in medieval Sweden, leave a note. I still have a few issues about it.
When I ran out of silk tape, I started the Alpine meadow thing. A sweater. I like sweaters. It knits nicely, I was reading my Complete scuplture of Michelangelo or how the hell it might be called and knitted without looking. I like to knit while I study which is particularly impractical for complicated patterns (they suit more to travelling) so we'll see when I reach the point where cables start. Maybe I'll go somewhere far:-)