Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Home improvement. I got an ugly file folder from the secretary so I upgraded it with a bit of Florentine paper. I also fished from somewhere some forgotten postcards with Tuscany landscapes. So.. I gave a deep sigh, mailed the postcards to random victims and went to refresh my folder with the irises. A few hints: if you use water-based glue, then, the backward retention or how the hell it is called, will occur, meaning that the water will get absorbed by the paper and it'll stretch. Not on the dry edges, though. And the glue will get dryer on the surface. So, dip the paper in water or spray it before, you'll avoid the problems I had. By the way, the paper store is in Via Ricasoli, just off the Piazza Duomo, but I forgot its name. They have beautiful things there. And expensive.
The top made of handpained Ganique yarn features beside the book on San Giovanni in Bologna. Not that i was reading it recently, I jsut dug it up when cleaning and the sky matches the yarn. The red dotted line shows where one skein ended and another one started - a considerably darker shade. It means that I'll have to redye the whole garment..... and I've fixed the dye bad anyway so my hands were blue when I knitted... which is certainly not practical, especially if you wear expensive pastel colored underwear (which is quite probable because it shows under knitted stuff) and the dye is loosened by sweat and fixed to the bra by the salt contained in it. It happened to me once with a bought garment and yeah, I was enraged.
Stella tape made into another top placed on a catalogue of French gothic art. That tape is lovely, mostly cotton with poly-something that gives it a bit of shine and it's soft and pleasant to touch and I invented a overcomplicated pattern I'm probably not able to make... but after all, it's easy to rip and nice to mess up with it again.