Monday, August 21, 2006

Lazyass invasion

Relatives came for a visit.
Not that my aunt and the cousins were worldwide renowned for their helpfullness and industry but this time it was too much even for me.
Aunt got slightly drunk on Friday (my instincts told me that I shouldn't come too early from work so I saw the party being dissolved. She however fuond a bit of time to express that 'what a beautiful kitty you have, so smooth and so blue-eyed' and whatever 'and the boys love her so and cuddled her all day because she has so soft little feet and soft little ears' etc. Sure i noticed that my cat has soft little feet and other externalities, after all, night by night, she spares a few moments to jump on me or something. Aunt also felt an urge to keep me informed about her younger son and his school troubles and sort of asked for help. As if I was i a state to tell her what to do... well, yeah, my cousin is a spoiled brat and my mom says that she could take him in for holiday and mold him into a civilized and well-behaved person but that it would be expensive:-).
Yesterday evening the lazyasses luckily left in the morning to see grandpa in the hospital (regarding that they left grandma's place for the hospital which is in the next town at half past nine and left for home after having had a lunch at eleven, it had to be a long visit indeed) so we could finish cleaning the carpets (something like two hectares of them; especially the white one was a bit of a problem but the dirt went off. Then the carpet was happily drying in the sun and the dog had no better idea than walk over it and leave a nice series of footprints there. Mom, frustrated by her relatives, gave a scream that hinted anything... anything that smelled blood), we went to do the big shopping - and didn't have a single argument. And the rest of the day was sunny, with beautiful clouds, just a step behind 'the photogenic clouds' which come twice a year, such nice cushiony clouds, totally blue sky, visibility 300 kilometers, crisp light and cold wind, this weather comes twice a year, mainly on a Wednesday when one has 72 important appointments and cannot go doing photography.
I've gone thru a major emotional disturbance so I felt simply miserable. I had a headache and the usual cure, drink a litre of water and wait until i get rehydrated, just didn;'t work so I simply lay in bed, ate the rest of Lindt Citron intense (expensive chocolate is a cure for basicaly everything) and knitted. The Stella yarn comes out nicely, although it is a totally deadly boring plain garter stitch - and notice my toenails... see the greenish shine? I have nail varnish on them, I felt a touch of vanity....
And I dyed the rest of the yarn to do the other half of the sweater.
No knitting progress otherwise.
No any other progress otherwise.