Monday, June 30, 2008

Challenges of all sorts

The biology textbook required a picture of some sort of common mold. Penicillinum or such. For those uninformed, moldy bread would do. We did discover Wikimedia Commons where one can find all sorts of useful stuff. The need of some nice mold arose a day after the fridge had been cleaned (because of the stink, mind you) so Wiki Commons was dug through and the rest of the internetz as well. There's even a blog about moldy food that seems to welcome contributions from readers so feel free to send them pics of the unidentifiable things at the bottom of the fridge.

Yesterday afternoon I found a nice heel of bread wrapped in plastic and growing its own colony of penicillinum. Since the macro lens was at work, I took it to the office. The mold isn't in the best shape yet so we have moldy bread in a plastic bag on the window sill with a huge sign of Don't throw away on it. Just in case - the cleaners here are neither diligent nor careful but moldy bread isn't usually the cherished thing. I'll be back here on Friday so I suppose that by that time, there will be the blue-green mold but also the white, yellow and black ones. I'll let you know.

To add some more gross factor: the chart of dog fur stinkiness. People spin anything. Although I totally detest the name of chiengora - hey, it's chien and angora stuck together. Dog fur has nothing to do with the angora bunnies. It's dog fur. Chien something (no I don't know how to say fur in French). Apparently, dog spinners have elaborated this. FIY, our huski smells of dogs, neither roses nor stinky cheese. The fur is great. Did I say that I plan to learn to spin?