Thursday, June 05, 2008

Sick keyboard

On Thrusday I indulged in my usual passtime: eating and talking to friends.* I made some wilder gesture and spilled quite some lentil soup over my keyboard. With sausage. It wasn't the worst spill but unlike the previous one, this stopped my keyboard from working.
I tried to wipe the stuff with a tissue but the overboiled proteins wouldn't give way. I took of several keys and I actually discovered that the keyboard has hairballs. Maybe I should sometimes feed her the kitty treats. I pulled out the fibrous blobs out, dried everything as much as possible and tried to find some geek on the phone. I managed, was told to find the Keyboard on the screen gadget where I could type using the mouse but it totally spoiled my late-night chatting.
On Friday I went to buy a keyboard. I wanted to get the cheapest one but I found one in pale blue silicone and I couldn't resist.

*note that most of my friends live in Internet

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