Thursday, June 26, 2008

Boiled alive

Heat wave struck and the air conditioning in the office is broken. I wonder whether I didn't care when I was younger, whether the summers were less hot or whether the humankind in general was less spoiled. Not that matters would change if I knew.

My laptop is still broken which works as an excuse for no blogging, no social life on Ravelry and general nothing happening.

I needed to do some photography out in the wild so I spent most of Tuesday glued to the train seats with my own sweat. Since life isn't fair, none of the pics was finally used. I however found out that the Kolin church is being repaired so the yard around is open (not for public, just for the construction workers but it's open so why the hell I shouldn't sneak in and check) and I discoverd that there's a French-style western portal even with leftovers of the figural decoration and I totally don't even remember it mentioned in books. My fault, after a while of digging in the library catalogue, I discovered a few quite recent publications that might touch the subject. My local journalist friend promised to take me wherever I want so I see a future art paper crystallizing (although something less controllable from the faculty folks would be more practical - I'll rethink it).