Monday, May 26, 2008


I spent most of the weekend gardening. I mean, gardening in real garden, not poking into my flowerpots which make me a windowsill farmer.
The good part of the whole thing was that an idea occurred to us: We can use the rubbish for barbecuing. Which we did so we cleared one of the messier corners from a heap of various sticks and bits saved for lighting the fireplace. Yeah, and burning pine needles is nice, too, it smells nice. Maybe the smoke is full of carcinogenous crap but it makes the sausages smell nice, too. Mom produced all sorts of meat bits from various storage places so I'm full even now.
The dog helped, too. She's an expert on lying around and making people knock over. She can help with cleaning after barbecuing, just leave the juicy bits somewhere where she can reach them to bury them somewhere under the newest shrub (which she'll carefully dig out and depose on the doorstep). But she basically spent the weekend in the corner looking dead.
The cat on the other hand, discovered how to open the balcony doors with her paw. Not that I wouldn't gladly let her out but the abovementioned dog hunted several cats to death. Tähti just came to the balcony and meowed because she was afraid to run down the stairs, otherwise we would notice her only when she'd joined us in working (and eating, true).
I played with the macro lens again... so, what do you guess is this:

No, I'm not giving hints, that would be no fun.

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