Tuesday, June 10, 2008

On a whim

My mom bought me a piggy bank a few years ago. It's an inox (or rather chromium plated anything) slab that has a would-be cute picture of a shoe on one side and an inscription that says If the shoe fits, get it in every colour.

Yesterday I dropped at Debenhams department store in a vain hope that I'll find a decent bra there. They sometimes have unpadded, pretty, affordable and unpadded stuff there. They possibly did but they had also a Good Fit Week so I was approached by a lady who offered to pick the right bra for me. To cut the long story short, it was decided that my size is 85E because it makes the bit in the armpits nice and firm. When I objected that (a) I don't wish to wear a bra that covers me up to my neck (b) would have to buy two pairs of stockings because although the bra fits nicely in the armpits, there's some spare space in the cups (c) it looks like something my grandma would consider old-fashioned, I was told that it's fitting well, it's the basic bra I should wear under t-shirts (erm, I own one t-shirt. Guys' t-shirt in XL size by, erm, some company that makes snowboards and I wear it around the house when it's not cold enough for a sweater) and that the lace thing I'm wearing now is a type meant for social events.*

I ran away and went to the theatre. Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company was here on the dance festival and early in the afternoon, after not having won the ticket in the contest on the radio. It rocked.

Since my attempt to buy a bra somehow failed , the next day I went to one of the shopping hells, the one on my metro line. i actually needed most to return a book to the department of philosophy which was very long overdue so I did my part of sponsoring the university. But, on the way back I stopped to check one particular shop in the particular mall. I got a tank top there some time ago and hoped that I might get one more.

Remember, when it fits, plunder the store.

I solved my clothing and bra fitting issues till the end of summer, I guess. the next project is to sew a copy or ten of my fave dance top.

*No, don't please be explicit in the comments in case you imagined such a social events.

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