Friday, June 13, 2008

Is this a tradition?

It's Monday and I'm bloated and overcarbed again. This weekend I didn't have any major carb binge as such but it was my mom cooking so it's rice here, strawberry cake with a ton of sour cream there... To be fair, I have to add that mom generously gave me the probiotics she got with her antibiotics when she had her latest dental issues. The probiotics seem not to work, or not today. They however added to my despair because it was the usual allergy meds, ibuprofen (I know, I know, it's not the right thing for stomach pains but I didn't have anything else and I felt shitty) and then some good microorganisms.
I resorted to a thing that works - simple good ole fasting.

The weekend was exciting. There was the cake. We cleaned the attic - I've been stashing my fave mag since 1996 and as usual, mom threatened with throwing it all away. There's still my dad's notes from the university - compared to him, I'm much less annoying hunter and gatherer. And, you've never seen that many dead wasps. No, nobody collects them, they just get to the attic and die there. Tähti had enormous fun helping. And puking on the clean floor, I had given her the worm meds and they were a bit wild, I guess.

No, no funny story about feeding cats medicine. I tried - the stuff is a paste that comes in a syringe. I had some experience with force-feeding so I thought it would be easy. You lay the cat on your lap, open her mouth and push the thing to her mouth. The only problem is that Siamese are strong, fast and slippery. The result was obvious, I had the worm medicine all over my hand and the cat was sitting under the table complaining and happily licking the remaining paste from her paws. Then she came to beg for more. Why the hell did I bother?

Random link of the day: Do you want to know about the present state of storms in Finland?

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