Sunday, June 08, 2008

Sick me

There were some couchsurfers around and I made the stupid silly mistake of eating too much, getting a frozen pizza for dinner, stuffing myself with enchilada and I topped it with a cake.
I am aware that I should eat meat and veggies, not carbs and grease but now it's too late. I'm all bloated, unwell and with sudden attacks of diarrhoea. Good thing that I bought two back numbers of Dance Zone so that I don't have to sit at the toilet in vain. And, no decent workout this week. I feel mildly guilty.

I dyed some yarns today - pics later, they are still on the rack. I'll go back to spinning, I got quite some chocolate brown alpaca fibre from flyingsquirrel from Ravelry. I wonder whether one can spin on the toilet without being considered a total wacko?
I'm in the process of destashing. Well, I put up something onto etsy and Ravelry with next to none response, I'll have to do a bit of shameless self-advertising because I don't feel like moving the yarns around Europe.

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