Sunday, June 01, 2008

... and such things.

As for the last week's quiz: the ugly bug on the picture is actually a seed of Strelitzia. Nobody guessed that. Well, most of the world didn't bother anyway.
I was however asked whether our huski is a dead wolf. Good guess, a few times I started resuscitating her before she made the 'you're an asshole, now leave me alone' look. She's not a wolf, though.
Nothing exticing hapenned this week. Some visitors, the burn on my arm is healing (mildly gross pic tomorrow, it's dark now), work is being done. I planned a dyeing workshop for the next weekend so I hope my artsy friends will appear.
I however dug out a sweater I made a million years ago for Kristina. I found out that it looks better than I remembered. I just freaking love the colour. Too bad that it's hard to reproduce. but I'll try someday - and don't tell me that black is just black.

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