Friday, May 23, 2008

Smaller then expected.

The world is, so to say.

I've already vented my predilection for Mikael Niemi (which may be considered a bit extravagant in these latitudes since only his first book was translated into my native dialect). But, go read yourself, I'm too lazy to write a review. In Mannen som dog som en lax he describes how people thought that in the [as I reckon] mainly Finnish-speaking environment, their children wouldn't catch Finnish if their parents spoke only Swedish to them. Well, Niemi puts that better.
The other day I was hanging on the CouchSurfing chat. Talking to people and such. I met a guy from Luleå. Well, I didn't know at first that he was from somewhere there. He just said something that evoked the dry Finnish sense of humor, you know, a thing that seems so self-evident and so stupid that you wonder whether the person means it or what the hell. It's irony so ironical that it's barely recognizable and it took me quite long to be able to recognize it. Anyhow, I asked the guy whether he was Finnish and he said No, but my father is. And the guy didn't know a word in Finnish because 'his parents didn't teach him'. Totally Niemi. As if the guy stepped out of the books. Or maybe fiction is not as fictious as it's generally thought.

I seem to have lost powers of expression. Le sigh.