Monday, January 21, 2008

Feeling blue

I have some work issues which I don't want to vent here. Actually I would be only too happy to vent them here but it would be impolite. And I wouldn't use too cultivated language, I guess. I came home on Saturday night, on Sunday I bid farewell to Laura (flatmate needed again) and went shopping.
I needed some veggies (namely green peas. When I'm in bad mood, I'm in no mood to anything that has to be peeled or something and I don't really like frozen carrots) and toilet tissue. I like blue toilet tissue regardless of other factors but now, it fitted in my general feelings.
They had sales in Tesco so I grabbed some tank tops and apples and mint and chocolate bars and only at home I realized that my groceries are totally colour-coordinated. The overall effect is ruined by the red Tesco logo on the pea bags and the red Findus logo on the basil box. Even the cyclamen fits in.
And, just for the heck of it, yours truly. The pic is bleak, though. Wish the spring came and decent light for photography with it.

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