Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Some pics

My dad is trying to strangle me or something. The lady sitting on the stairs isn't my grandma but mom's younger sister. The reception was in the students' pub nearby and it was cool. They cook well but the place lacks intimidating damask tablecloths and posh silverware so people felt like in a students' pub. And in posh restaurants, they don't have laminate cows in the stairway to the bathrooms.
I got two pens, an antique bracelet and lots of praise. Praise is the most important thing, folks. And part of the whole thing is that all your relatives - or at least all your sane relatives - come (not accomplished, cousin's little son is ill, uncle was at the court and his idiotic wife wasn't missed either, some didn't show without excuse, bastards), bring you gifts and flowers and you just walk with armful of stuff to the pub or just somewhere so that the passers-by can see and show some praise.
And..... flowers are tasty.