Thursday, January 03, 2008

Discoveries and ideas

I'm going to take guerrila knitting. Looks like fun and exactly my style fun.

I got a diary from Elisabeth. She has style [pic later] and I had a good laugh when I got the envelope.

I met a friend, I again forgot to take the gift for his newborn girl and I forgot to drop to a pharmacy to get a lip balm. I wonder whether I'm getting senile or whether it's the plain lack of a diary. Well, since the mail arrived, I have one now. That abovementioned friend wondered why someone still needs a paper diary when there are applications in the cellies that can be coordinated with diaries in computers and it's possible to have a diary online so that people see that, say, you're going to theatre and they can wait for you after to have a coffee with you... Yes, he's rather on the geeky side. I however prefer to have my big thick book, I don't make notes, I scribble.

I managed to find henna for which I have extensive plans. First, I need to do some experimenting regarding my hair - I have some rashy crap on my scalp and I cannot dye my hair so I need to tone it down, the contrast looks stupid. And some more.

And, I'm freaking mad. I decided to apply for the college and study botany.