Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Important notice

I am on Facebook. I do not like it. I do not like playing social games there, I do not like all the gadgets there. Messages are okay but keep it simple messages. Don't try thingies that require me to subscribe to some silly new gadgets, don't ask me to fill in the quizzes. I do not like it. I publish my pics here on the blog if I feel like it. If you want to know what sort of wine/chocolate/guys I like, you can ask me via email or in the messages here, don't ask me for filling in some quiz. If you want to tell me that you love me, you don't have to send me a bucket of virtual hearts on Facebook, you can write it in the comments. I'll be much happier with that.
Why so? There's my real name and whereabouts on Facebook. It's not here on the blog, not much on Ravelry or anywhere. I don't want to be googled, that's it. It's no secret that I collect yarns or pick my nose or eat chocolate in bed but not everybody who knows my name needs to know. For some people it's good enough to know that I do my work well. I want to keep my privacy under control.
Okay, there's a better chance to find the guy of my life on Facebook than here on the blog with average readership of one person per month but this is my playground, not Facebook.