Saturday, January 19, 2008

Stinking sweater

When I went to Italy for holiday, I wanted to take some knitting with me. Something that would not require too much material but would entertain me for ten days or so. I opted for Unger Something, wool/camel blend, handdyed red and orange and black angora and since these two weren't just that right thing together, I added mustard yellow alpaca from Welcomme which wasn't just that thing either so the evening before going, I handpainted it with some green, blue that turned grayish green and pink that turned purple.
I knit the whole thing on 2.25mm needles. I wouldn't make too much of it since my mom doesn't like knitting but third day of holidays I got an awful intestinal infection and then I was a poor sick child confined to bed or another vicinity of the bathroom so I was allowed this silly thing. I made the front part there and the back part on the drive back (like, 8 hours in the car before it got too dark to knit) and then there were the sleeves. It took me three months to finish, average speed 5 rows an hour (and something like 500 stitches each). Now, the only thing to do is weave in a zillion of ends and do some brutal blocking.
Before brutally blocked, the sweater looks fifteen months pregnant. The sleeves came out shorter than what was carefully calculated and determined but a bit of brutal blocking will fix it a bit.
I got some yarn from a Ravelry yarn exchange and it's sooo pretty. I might have to change my plans and knit this first, before the black silk.
I'll write about writing when I recover from the writing.