Saturday, January 12, 2008

At allergist's

I was diagnosed with allergies to cats, dogs, birch and other spring trees, rye, ryegrass (Lolium sp.), fescue (Festuca sp.), and Elytrigia sp. whatever its name in English (wikipedia doesn't have it), autumn plants like wormwood or artemisia. They don't test for plane (Platanus) and yew (Taxus) because plane is some silly southern tree (which was trying to kill me in Paris) and yew is a silly shrub that however blossoms in January and my allergies stretch over the whole year. And cats and dogs.
The doc and the nurses were surprised that I don't have asthma. They checked several times but... nothing. Still, I got asthma meds. With the comment that the nasal spray I got from my GP contains corticoids which are not healthy for daily use and that the GP shouldn't have let me use the thing daily. I got the asthma meds which contain.... another corticoids. Who is the idiot here, then?
I was also told to get rid of any cats and dogs and not to go out when things bloom. For those concerned, yes, I still plan to go and study botany and do plant photography. And there's no way of throwing any cats or dogs away. The Dead Dog is a dearie and... who the hell would want to adopt a 13years old arthritic huski who is always ready to run away limping?

Good news is no sheep allergy, I'll go on knitting happily, then. No mildew or caffeine allergy either.

I finished the stinking sweater. There's just a million threads to weave in, one YO that doesn't need to be there to fix (a bit of ripping of the cast off and a bit of pulling threads) and some serious and brutal blocking. The sleeves are a bit shorter than what I wanted but no way of ripping anything knit on 2.25mm needles. And it's a bit tight in the underarms but it'll be fixed by my losing 15 kilos.
My father, who's knitting-ignorant and who hates sweaters, said that it's pretty and that he could imagine himself wearing such a thing. It means that he bought a factory behind mom's back and now he's trying to be nice. He also brought me the carton roll I wanted for making a scratching post and I didn't have to tell him thrice. I smell a rat. However, pics will be here later when the thing is blocked. Due to the construction it looks totally shapeless.