Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year, Happy everything and now let's be normal

I spent ten days visiting relatives who stuffed me with food. Greasy, sweet, whatever. I feel, to put it nicely, puffy. I escaped to Prague under the pretext of school work (mental note: new health insurance card, mail the professors, mail Ivana, make notes about the website, go see all those exhibitions, buy henna, buy lip balm) so I'm here, Tähti is oppressing me and I need to doblogging, laundry, dyeing... dyeing needs to be done today, Finns are off for a trip and I prefer to make mess when I'm on my own.
I did some errands today. I actually wanted to go shopping and to see a few exhibitions but first I needed to pick some mail. And there was damn lot of it - so I gave in and did only the necessary stuff - returned books, bought vinegar and dyes, mailed something out to the world (whoa, someone bought yarn from me) and now I'm tired and back.

There's something that tries to kill me. I woke up at five because I couldn't breathe. I did a big deal of coughing and some thinking. This doesn't happen to me at the other home. Ihave exactly the same heavy woolen bed sheet. I have exactly the same pillows, made from the same batch of feathers. Either it's some yarn which is stored in plastic bags under the bed or the cat or the pillow from Ikea. I'll clean the place (it's different dust here, too), wash the bed linen and leave the Ikea cushion somewhere else than under my head. Should all that be cat allergy, I'll have to persuade Tähti to sleep somewhere else than on my pillow which will be tough, she wants to have lots of contact.

I got some more yarn. Pretty ones, including the second skein of the antique Noro sock yarn. Camera is at home II. so no pictures today.

I wonder what happened to Glorious Jane. Maybe she's still Christmassing. Or she used the shrug to keep herself warm, it didn't work, Jane got cold and pneumonia and now she's pissed at me.