Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Tired dead

I'm writing. I got stuck with Austria in the 19th century and... and I'm stuck.
I got first sketches of illustrations for the textbook and the painter is great. The pics are silly and funny but accurate and every sensible kid must like them. We editors and related bunch do like them and we are always right. Today I commissioned some more and we'll see.
I started sorting out other documentation and pics, we did the basic layout of the first three chapters and it all seems be going nicely so I'm content.

Yesterday I was knitting the damn sweater again and I seem to be near the end. The speed of some 1cm per hour is frustrating but the more finished it is, the happier I am.
I'm a part of Knit a Mile January Challenge we have on Ravelry (maybe there's a button or a logo, I'll check it) . The thing starts at Jan 5 and goes on until someday inFebruary. A mile is some 1600 m which makes two sweaters in sweater yarn and I decided to count by finished balls. So, yesterday I finished one ball of alpaca. First 80 m or so.
I'm going home, I"m tired.