Wednesday, November 07, 2007

How to survive

I get up and make some coffee. Coffee is a ritual, I do not need it to keep myself alive. And it's a good thing to wash down my allergy pills.
Then there's the nasal spray (for my allergy) and eye drops (for my allergy). Yesterday I forgot about the pills in the morning. In the afternoon I was almost dead of sneezing and my nose brushed almost bloody with tissues. Don't worry, after those years I always get the softest tissues available, one never knows.
The last thing is my heel ointment - I have a bit of hyperkeratosis aka calluses on the most idiotic place - on the back side of my heels. Around a centimetre of skin between the sole of my foot and the big bone of the heel, there's a pressure area and that crap just grows there. When it's removed, it hurts like hell (I tried it once. Nature knows better, again) until the hard skin grows there again. When the skin too thick, however, it has to be kept hydrated or greasy, preferably both, or else it cracks. And cracks on one's heel, centimetre deep and not actually willing to heal because they are renewed every time one walks - I tried it once and no, never again. It sometimes hurts anyway, just because it is there. And it is not bad shoes or bad walking technique, it's the anatomy of my feet. Oddly enough, my feet are good enough for dancing on pointe and not so suitable for normal walking.
So, every morning I stumble to the kitchen leaving greasy footprints to get a caffeine boost and I wonder whether it's only me to be that degenerated that I cannot function normally without five different meds. And I'm under 30, mind it. Is all humankind that degenerated or am I a cripple only?
Yesterday I went to the court hearing. I wonder why the state wastes such money. The judge told me in what case I can refuse to testify and whether I'm refusing. I said No. (Meantime I sneezed and needed to blow my nose like five times.) Then he read the police protocol and asked whether it is true. (More sneezing, it was a long list.) I said Yes, just that there's my passport missing in the list of stolen stuff, I found out only later on and told it to the police. He nodded and asked whether I want to say something more and I said No. (Sneeze.) Then I got a paper entitling me to get my train ticket from my hometown refunded and I went home.
Actually I went shopping and when I was paying, I discovered that my keys aren't on their place - in my pocket where I put the keys and coins. I searched my bag and discovered that the keys must have stayed at the court, I went through the metal detector frame and put them aside. So I went there again - keys were found, sure, but I was a bit worried since I don't have a spare bunch in a flowerpot at the main door and flatmate is coming back on Thursday only. Not that there would be soup boiling on the stove but the cat would be damn hungry and damn pissed off.The keys were however found and I could go home and sneeze.
In the evening I wondered whether I might have got an awful cold because my nose was totally blocked. It effectively prevents breathing and I wanted to sleep which is not an activity you can perform when suffocated so I had to use the ephedrine-based meds I have at the bottom of the drawer for such cases. Wish I had normal cold that would go away after a week.