Thursday, November 01, 2007

Good news, bad news, funny news

Bad news is that I lost my source for sock yarn to dye. There won't be anymore. Or at least until I find out something new.
Good news is that I found a source for merino yarn. Sort of thick sock type, made by a local (not local here, local where they come from) sheep breeders co-op. I didn't ask whether it's organic, the lady at the phone wouldn't know that but I guess it is as organic as a normal sheep can be. It looks nice, comes in vaguely defined skeins and nobody has any idea about the yardage.
The fun is the rest of everyday life.
I hosted a couchsurfer from Colorado, she came to my place which is full of yarn and just fell in love with all that stuff. She asked me to make her a sweater which was okay with me but I had only a day for it. Well, day and half. I managed it - finished it this night at around two. Yes, one can knit while sleeping. One can knit even with an awful cramp in fingers. And yes, Nan is right that I should have a nice shop with my designs there in Colorado where lots of rich people go skiing and stuff.*
Since I possibly cannot knit (my paw hurts quite a bit indeed), I can be writing - I promised a test chapter of the damn history book.
And the coolest news of all: I'm at Ravelry. Knitters know. Non-knitters be informed that it's a knitting and crocheting community server where there's gadgets for sorting out stash (in normal words, the heap of yarn I have in the corner on the floor***) and projects in different stages of making and such.
I guess I need some sleep. I went to bed at midnight, knitted until two and got up at six to see Nan off and I feel accordingly.
*Mental note: borrow a world atlas in the library and find where the Colorado thing is
**Mental note: find some relevant books from the library for further ideas
*** Note for worriers: no, the cat is not interested. She prefers to sleep under my pillow.