Saturday, October 20, 2007

starting things

I actually finished two sweaters today. Okay, I need to weave in the ends and in case of the blue one buy two metres of red satin ribbon for the second sleeve, I somewhat miscalculated it.
The first one will go to Etsy as soon as I get decent pictures which will be a damn challenge in this lousy weather and it's a late contribution to the September Challenge on etsyFAST. I noticed that it's vaguely Japan-inspired in the bold combination of green and pink (I would have said that it is a lousy combination before I tried it) and in the asymmetry. I hope someone will like it.
The blue one is made of Noro Mizuho, linen blend which drapes beautifully. I have an urge to name it something like Maintenon, it has a rococo touch to it. It's the ribbon, there will be another one in the second sleeve but I didn't buy ehough. And it's for me, only me.
Just now I'm winding a ball of one of my own creations to start a sweater. I'll start more, sometimes one just needs to grab something and knit idiotically for a hour or two or so. The camel/angora/alpaca sweater, for example, offers lots of idiotic knitting yet but first I need to start the sleeves which means calculating the gauge... and anyway.
I keep files for everything I make so I sorted out yarns a bit and made around five new folders for five future things - there'll be a damn lot of idiotic knitting, trust me. And don't forget to check my store for Christmas gifts.