Saturday, November 03, 2007


It's around 2 in the morning, just for your information.
I wanted to have a graduation party. Normal people pass their final exams and go get drunk, spend the next day in a terrible hangover and then normal life with earning money and paying bills starts. I didn't manage so I called people for a party today.
Now, guess how many came.
Two. Two pieces altogether. And two more apologized that they had another stuff to do, like have fever. Well, I have some cake left for breakfast but maybe I should check whether my feet do not smell too bad or something.

Anyhow, in the morning I attempted to catch my professor but he was already on the run to the Austrian cultural centre so I'll have to mail him anyway. Then I bought some stuff for the cake, went home and wanted to do some dyeing. I got the merino yarn a few days ago so I wanted to see how it takes colours and how it knits and how it felts. I made a sample (looks good on 5mm needles, single strand), threw it in the washie with the laundry (doesn't felt at all at 50 degrees programme when the sweater felted pretty well) and wanted to make something blue and purple like the angora I had around. And I discovered that I ran out of turquoise dye. My signature colour, wanted to use it for the yarn for Jane's shrug and some more things and there was none left. They have this dye only in one store in the town or at least only one of which I know so I set out to go to there and it was not on the stock.
I made a deep sigh and went to do purples and pinks. I fixed the fucked up cashmere - was diluted shit, now it's purples and reddishes and occasional touch of latte. I did some more cashmere in pinks and reds and oranges. I did one pinkish skein of merino and two in burgundy and pink and blue. Of course both came out totally different.
I knotted the skeins for a rinse in the washing machine. It's good to knot the skeins, they do not tangle..... and when I took them out, I almost fainted. The cashmere looked totally felted. I do not put boiling hot yarn into the washing machine for cold water rinse, I did this once and I learnt my lesson well. I was thus a bit surprised but then it showed that the cashmere didn't felt, that it just bloomed - the hairs on the surface just loosened and created an illusion of compact surface. Thinking of it, becoming known in the whole blogosphere as someone who felted 8 skeins of cashmere would gain me those 15 seconds of fame but I'm quite sure that I wouldn't want this fame. The cashmere looks good. The colours are a bit weird, seems to me that cashmere is not too willing to absorb the dyes so I wonder whether I would list it on Etsy or whether I'd better make myself something in pink and purple cashmere.
And, some good news. Apart from having a bit of cake left, I did a bit of asking and I found more sock yarn for dyeing and better than before - pure wool. I also found a source for feathers so there'll be more decorative elements available. And I found that in my yarn store they have a huge box of beads, they sell them by weight and you can fish out whatever you like.