Saturday, November 03, 2007

What would I like to knit?

I saw this on some other blog and I liked the idea.
I knit this and liked it
I knit this and did not like it or didn't finish it at all
I would like to knit this
I would not like to knit this
I'm thinking that I might try

Alpaca (the Alpaca/bunny/camel sweater;the first reindeer sweater, the Patterned sweater, several alpaca blends were used elsewhere) Angora (the Alpaca/bunny/camel sweater) Bamboo (the Linköping socks)
Banana - I got some on eBay and I'm waiting for the delivery
Camel (the Alpaca/bunny/camel sweater; the future sweater made from Transitions) Cashmere (dyed, waiting)
Cotton (It has too much drape)
Dog (My parents have a huski. I have the brushings which I plan to spin as soon as I learn it)
Hemp (when I get some)
Polyamide (to the U.S. friends known as nylon)
(discovered something on eBay of which I didn't know it existed...)

Lace socks (not sure that I like it)
Selbu socks
Knitting flat
Knitting in the round - I make the purl stitches much looser than the knit stitches. And, one can read while knitting in the round.
Wedding dress (in white angora yarn... is there some crazy bride?)
Rug/wall hanging (It depends on its final look)
Cat bed I have a nice felted sweater that needs to be cut up and made into two cat beds.
Scarf (scarves are a bit boring, I guess)
Shawl (shawls are even more boring and in my mental universe it's more stylish to wrap oneself in some nice woven and warm cloth. Just a fashion statement, not comments on lack of intellect in those who do love knitted shawls)
Lace in bulky yarn (pretty funky)
Lace in laceweight yarn (this sucks big time)
Something in handspun yarn Something in yarn spun by me Something with beads
Something to be felted

The list will be updated. I probably didn't indlude many things I do not care about at all since I do not keep them on my mind