Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Allergy to holiday

Rome sucks. Too monumental. Too cinquecento - I like the previous phase of Renaissance more. Too crowded.
As you see, the weather was the most sucky one can have for photography. Grey sky, indefinable grey light...
Mom sucks. She makes this wasted face whenever she has to cross the street. I've explained her like a million times that the Central European habit of waiting until the cars give way to her - a pedestrian, just doesn't work unless the plan is waiting for a day or two days or three months. No way, she will shriek when I cross the street with poker face, she shrieks even when it's a totally empty street. And, she started complaining. That I walk too fast, that I don't tell her where to go..... well, I slowed down and she was three metres behind. I slowed down more, she kept three metres behind. Then she started cursing that I'm intolerant and intolerable. Sigh.
And, I'm sick. I guess it's nervous stomach, the main thing is that I'm sick when I eat. I will add pics and more comments later, now excuse me, I have to puke.
Jane: (1) size is not a problem (2) we could haggle.