Saturday, November 03, 2007


Yes, I must have some magpie genes. I love glittery things. On Monday, I guess, I was hanging around with Nan and we passed by one of my favourite stores with yarns, fabrics and other sewing stuff. They have all sorts of things there but it's not the usual crafting store with some cheap stuff for those who need just something for crocheting a tablecloth or upholstering their chair, it's a relatively high-end place. And oddly enough, not expensive. I mean, obviously silk crepe or angora yarn is not cheap by definition but the prices are fair. Well, we ventured inside - Nan is a quilter so she needed her time for drooling and I discovered the bead crate. My great-grandma used to work in a glass mill so there was a huge crate of glass stones and beads in her storeroom and we used to dig in it as kids. I spotted some glass leaves in the box and since Elisabeth had expressed a strong desire for those (we are a bead country, after all), I started picking them. I restricted myself to a handful, I do not need beads, after all... but they are cute.
I started working on the second bamboo sock. It goes slow, I have to follow the first sock (I've written the pattern down and oddly enough it works but still I rather trust the sock). The yarn looks just stunning, I've ordered more but it might be here next week or next year, the producer has too much of the Maňana attitude.
And yes, there are around seven unfinished things. Just you wait.