Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Another bit of unrestrained creativity

On Saturday I was dyeing. I made some nice yarns, some weird yarns and fucked up three skeins of cashmere. Luckily, this ugly pale brown (I have no idea how it happened, the result should have been burgundy and blue. And no, you don't want to see cashmere in the colour of diluted excrements) can be overdyed to something passable.
The sock yarns came out nicely. Furore (three skeins - should you have a three-legged grandma, for example) is just totally lovable, for the second time in my life I got pink right, the other one (it'll be a surprise and a great knitting joke, I suppose, just you wait) needs retouching, some spots remained a bit pale.
I started two sweaters. The one is fast knitting and have hitherto I got it wrong around five times. It's a long haired mohair so it doesn't rip easily but anyway, I'm tough. The yarn is the first where I managed to get decent pink. I named it Kitschy sunset, it has the right colours. Obviously, if a painter did sunset in bbright orange and surgical appliance pink, it would be damn kitsch and apparent lack of good taste. Nature however makes sunsets even in those screaming colours and they are beautiful. Not tasteful, though:D and the sweater will be beautiful too. Maybe even tasteful. I just got it too wide at the armpits and since I have only a limited supply of this yarn,it would have to be short.... but since there's a general lack of midgets in the general population, I'm just ripping. The other sweater will be in white boucle yarn and purple and black handpainted for accents. I have even less of the white yarn so I'll have to invent some design feature that won't look like shortage of material. Thinking of it, not having enough yarn is a great thing. It makes me to think, combine, invent things I wouldn't normally invent.... I have another boucle yarn in chartreuse green. 300 grams only. And four skeins of me-dyed mohairy yarn in burgundy and bright blue, pink or whatever which will go together nicely. And so on, just you wait and see. I plan to start two or three more sweaters today or sometime soon.
The weather turned awful. The days are cold and dark and totally suck for photography. I used the five minutes of sunshine - didn't manage to take pics of the surprise yarn, that's why it remains a surprise for you readers (should there be more than Jane:P) so I sit home and knit. And reknit, for that matter.