Thursday, October 11, 2007

Burn the worm!

Burning the worm is a popular medical practice in my part of europe (sorta central-eastern). It means using strong liquor as intestinal pesticide. Or, in human words, booze to fight diarrhoea.
After the last entry I didn't puke. It was just a figure of speech, I only felt pretty sick. I just have an awful diarrhoea. Yesterday we set out for supply expedition and since last time I got amoebas* my dad cured me by a huge dose of Fernet Branca so I thought the traditional healing practices might work. It usually does work, in fact. My great-grandma and her two sisters lived until around 90 and they claimed that it was the spoonful of homemade plum brandy every morning that was responsible for it. Finns have some similar thing, there's actually a saying, something like If sauna, booze or tar do not help, then it's incurable. We have only booze here.
Anyway, it didn't help.
*Then, as well as today, it was in a four star hotel. I never get amoebas when I stay in weird places or drink water from weird places. In case of drinking water form streams I get only a 24-hour puking virus.