Thursday, October 11, 2007

Amoebas attack!

Burning the worm didn't work.
I just got sicker and sicker. Diet of dry toast and tea didn't work so today morning I decided that if I was to be sick, let's be sick of something tastier and helped myself to a great heap of scrambled eggs. Mom said that maybe drowning them in cholesterole could work pretty well.
There is a tropical bird, I guess it's mynah. It's smart, can learn to talk better than parrots and lives only on fruits. And people tend to keep them in aquariums because the fruit just goes through the birds. Fast.
Well.... you get the point, I hope. I don't want to be disgusting. I decided that in this state I jsut cannot go to Florence (sniff), that I need a doctor and some antibiotics or who knows what and meantime I'll keep my mortal remains close to some sort of latrine. Dad arrived today with a bottle of Tullamore Dew (disinfection), medicinal carbon (to make my poo blacker. Maybe it could neutralize the sulphuric acid that my guts mix with my breakfast) and lots of mags (for the bathroom, although it wasn't meant so).
The worst thing is that I feel quite fine. And hungry. But everything goes straight away out accompanied by cramps and strange sounds. Parents want to go to rome tomorrow but I guess I'll have to put them on the train, give them instructions and pray with the all-pervading fervour of an atheist that they do not get too lost or anything.
But, my knitting goes nicely. When one lies in bed with two options, Elias Wessen's Svenska... uhm, they don't have the runes on this keyboard. A book on Swedish historical grammar - or knitting, knitting goes fast. I finished one square and started another just a while ago and surprise, I used not more than 150g of yarn for around one third of a sweater. Tiny gauges have strong points, there will be another camel sweater, then.
And the kitschy sunset was another theatrum naturae which we could watch every day.