Tuesday, August 29, 2006

what puzzles me

Sour milk. Czech sour milk with Czech writings on one side of the carton and Slovak ones on the other side - quite normal, we were one country for quite a time. But, why the hell the 'best before' thingie is in Finnish and Swedish of all languages?

Mom was cleaning up a bit, digging up things from her wardrobe. She offered me several pieces, some I wouldn't touch with a stick (we have different tastes, not hygienic habits).. and today morning she told me that she found a nice top I might like. Bringing me my purple and gold Benetton top I bought in Firenze last winter and of which I thought that I left it in Copenhagen in April 2005. I asked about it several times and all she said was along the lines of 'could you start looking after your things one day'....

Yesterday I was sitting at the computer doing something useless and the boss exclaimed: 'Where's the teapot? I want to water the flowers!' and started looking for it, commenting that we all here are messy, me being the messiest one. I told her that I have the teapot, that I made myself a pot of tea. She was surprised.