Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Addenda to previous post

I'm bad with linear text. I just cannot get a nice, continuous flow. I'm digressing all the time. So, imagine that you take this and the previous post and maybe the other ones of your choice, mix it and shake well and then pour on the floor to get something coherent. Blogspot just doesn't alow me, as a piece of paper does, to use various colors, all sorts of asterisks, arrows and insertions extending all over the sheet creating a piece of graphic design on its own. So I'm simply being chaotic and it serves you righ, you should go and have a life instead of reading this crap.
So, here's the surgical pink yarn. In the reality it looks worse. If a puke should be expressed in yarn, this is a hot candidate. But - the greenish piece on the pic with the furry thing shows that even surgical pink is manageable. * I think I'll dye it with some greens and blues.
The furry stuff... is just a furry and cuddly stuff. Soft and probably machine-washable, thus a polar fox can almost equal it. A peeled polar fox is not machine-washable and you have to kill it first (and the nasty little bastards have sharp little teeth that make nasty little holes in yourhands. And they don't brush their teeth and eat dead animals so peeling a fox is in fact helluva dangerous thing), on the other hand, it's soft and warm and compostable. This polyamide, I think, you have to knit first but as far as I reckon there are no recorded cases of blood poisoning after pricking your finger with a knitting needle. And I must admit that polar foxes go in nicer colours.
I even bought a pattern book. In fact I saw it somewhere and not that I was too much into pattern books, I'm a chaotic improviser (as evident), but I wanted to learn to knit lace and it helps when one is told how to. The flower pattern is called blossoming wine. Maybe the translator got it wrong and it was originally in English just a blossoming vine. Wine (the thing that produces grapes aka Vinis vitifera) has ugli little green blossoms, this looks rather like wisteria. But anyway, the colours are nice... in the pattern. The yarn I dyed is too dark for what I imagined and as I dyed it in whole balls and first I dipped it into water and after taht I added the colorant, it's spotted. Can be redyed, though, but it'll still be dark. And, I found a patttern for creeper plant in lace, I wonder, can it be combined somehow?
And, I promise, I'll write about something else than the stupir knitting some other time.

*Beware ye mortals. I'm tough and nothings stops me if I don't let it.**
**You must not believe me anything. I'm just a stupid shy blonde who fights a huge amount of inferiority complexes ***, fears and stuff. I just managed the art of Public Relations passably well.
*** Such as: I have a thin fragile hair; I have big fat ass; I have bad skin; I have scars; I don't speak Russian; I have ugly and fat face; I have a deformed toenail; I have beer gut; I cannot drive even though our neighbour with the iq not exceeding the room temperature can;I always digress in the middle of the story... On the other hand, such complexes as I have an unbrushable shrub on my head or My legs are thin as nails have skipped me somehow. maybe I'm not totally doomed.