Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Unlimited creativity on the verge of maddness

My parents have a dog. An ancient limping huski girl. Today we were running around the neighbourhood because she wasn't anywhere and we thought she ran away (not that she would run far, she has arthritis and it's some 50 degrees outside so her paws would hurt and anyway...) and then father found her sleeping in the bush where we looked at least five times. The old girl is shedding now, though. Handfuls of lovely thick hair are falling off her. Several years ago I used to pick it and make yarn of it... just twisting it in my hands while warming my back against the fireplace (she used to shed in autumn), producing those two little balls of superb yarn. Then I was prohibited from it because it was 'foolish and useless' (practical parents suck). However, Delany is shedding now. And I've grown more self-confident. To myself - my general attitude is to do what I like adn keep the parents uninformed. Or lie directly, should it be needed (I'm practical too. Honour is nice but difficult to achieve sometimes and I don't like being ridiculed). So I gathered the hair - it's the clump onthe first picture, washed half a kilo of mud from it, realizing that the dog is in fact white somewhere underneath and now i'ts drying out, wrapped in an old t-shirt (it would happily float around the neighbourhood if not prevented from it), the washed clump on the left is from something like 1999 - the grocery bag bore a sticker with a barcode, saying peaches, use by 25-08-1999.
However, to get material enough for a dog sweater, I think I'd need a whole sled team. But the dog wool is lovely, soft and warm, as the huskies are. I just have to invent a way how to get rid of the dog smell;-)