Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Crap. New and improved!

Apart from working, I went shopping. I wanted to get, among others, some nice notebook for putting down my inventions in graphics. I aimed for a nice stationery (choice of small handy notebooks: bad, maybe the place used to be nicer and better supplied) and next door, there is a shop with sewing stuff, yarn, cheap clothes and whatever. Out of sheer curiosity, I went to peek in and discovered this:

See the tag. merino, alpaca, mohair, mostly. No manufacturer on the tag, but the price, 51 czk as seen on the orange side of the tag... well, you can get pure acrylic for it. Maybe it's a factory run by some drug trader as an activity to cover up the real business. That would explain the incredible price. I dug ten balls out of the shelf. Half a kilo. It could make a nice cloudy sweater if I use thick needles. After all, when getting fed up with my 3.5 size needles sweater, I proclaimed that I'm not using anything thinner than my fingers:-). On 6 mm it goes ok, I knit the sample when drunk (in the evening, we were out of wine and drank port). I asked the shop assistant whether they have some more somewhere in storage. She said Of course but I wasn't sure whether she got my question and if she did, shether she wouldn't say Of course just of pure habit. So I'd rather limit myself to those ten balls. But - I'll dye them first. Something opalizing in pastel colours to match the name.

My tree sweater is doing well. Yesterday we were chatting with mom and I was knitting - produced well 10cm of the sleeve and it's near end. Started to make the stitches tighter - my purl is quite loose and when attaching the sleeve, I forgot to turn the thing upside down... so I had to pull the yarn. And - I should have done it long before because it looks sooo nice....
I'm expecting a load of this yarn, I think I ordered a kilo (or two? I ordered a damn lot of something and don't remember what it was...) and now I just need to send Mom away for a weekend to do my dyeing in peace.