Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Idiots attack - another story

First, I'd like to make a nice little query: do you use localised versions of programmes?
I work in this company for years. At the beginning, there simply were no localised versions. By beginnings I mean somthing like 1994. So I have a strong habit of using English language stuff. (Same with my Florentine Italian - I learnt it such way and I'll probably never get rid of the accent and when I try, it sounds silly to me). So, today I started working here again (school finished for this season - constructive holiday). And what a surprise, some goddamn fucking idiot reinstalled the Photoshop, my main working tool, into Czech. Now I;m doing some rough scanning so I can manage with the key shortcuts but I'm abslutely not going to work like this. Either someone did it without thinking, there's a new graphics guy I haven't met yet, or I'll be killing. I asked the boss whether she knows something about it and she didn't. In fact, she told me off in a very rude way, that I shouldn't bother her and I speak Czech so what's the problem. (I'll localize the stuff in her computer as soon as I discover whether is possible, retrograde and whether I'm able to do it. Just for the fun of asking whether she has some problems with her mother tongue). Sure I speak czech. But the programmes and computer stuff is being translated by idiots, sometimes, often it sounds creepy and even more often, incomprehensible. And different programmes have different words for the same thing. There should be some institute for enforcing the purity of Czech language, creating Czech versions of international and fotreign words to do this for those who want to have everything translated. Fuck it, this is 21th century and people shoudl be able to get that 'rotate' means turn around - usually people doing graphics have brains enough to get it and if not, then woe upon us anyway.
I'm angry. And frustrated because the boss is not getting it although she has the brains.