Monday, July 10, 2006

Garage sale

On Sunday, apart from other stuff, I was cleaning. I wanted to find some old sweters to rip and recycle. Found only one but when I sunk into the mysterious depths of my wardrobe, I discovered heaps of not bad clothes I'm not wearing. And of which I don't know who might wear them - people around me have either totally different tastes or totally different sizes.
But there was a more interesting section. I used to swe quite a lot before my mom's sewing machine stopped working properly. Mom claimed that it worked perfectly well but when someone or something spits mineral oil onto silk taffetta or tears little bits of it.... I wouldn't call it perfect. And as usual, I had to hear constant comments on uselessness of my doings. So one day I packed the unfinished stuff into several cartons and stored away. Yesterday I was looking for one of those old sweaters and couldn't find it so for some reason, I started browsing the crates. Most of the things are unfinished for various reasons (my laziness as to name at least one). But, for example, this dress. So, who wants it and (1) is somewhere around to pick it or (2) is a friend good enough that I'd bother to mail it, can have it. Size around 42, worn once or twice, would deserve some pressing, pure poly-something, white and green and reddish over it, the fabric arranged so the few stitches can be ripped to make the dress longer and straight. Made by me.
(If you haven't noticed it yet, I'm a bit too creative. Beware of me or I'll flood you by homemade anything. Luckily for the world, I sometimes need to work or study so the world is saved from my marmalades, pastries, sweaters or anything.)