Friday, July 07, 2006


So, I've moved to my parents' for the summer. Partly it's ok, partly it sucks, exactly as expected. Tähti is adapting quite well, she has much more space to run or hide and the second day she found, with the unfailing cats' instinct for comfort, the best place in the house. She is still pretty timid, though. Mother said yesterday that Tähti is nice and well behaved and doesn't destroy furniture and things btu that she should be more cuddly. Mom is following her around all the time, calling her, but Tähti mostly sits on the attic stairs and looks disdainful.
I'm making my way thru the silk sweater. I cast on 220 stitches, counting from a sample, but somehow it's more voluminous so it's gonna be a sweater. Now it it is in a miserable state with one stumpy sleeve and i'm knitting it on a circular needle and it sucks, i'm pulling the wire all the time. But I hate knitting on 4+1.
(more rants coming later)