Saturday, July 08, 2006

Demented moron growing up

I promised a CD to Sandy. After two days of public holidays, I set off to buy the envelopes with bubble plastic inside and then wanted to write a note on some nice postcard. I knew I had a big heap of postcards so I wanted to find it and get one or two from there. I wouldn't expect the box to be on the shelf where I see it so I turned all the house upside down and found my old passports instead. I was an ugly teenager and I hated to be photographed but as I hardly throw anything away... well, in theory we should give the old passports back to the office but I keep them. I can say that I lost my handbag or something, I'll pay a fine and that's it. In fact, I should get a new passport before they'll want my fingerprints, hair sample and DNA description to it (and a corresponding chip injected in my ass as an extra....)
And, Kaylee asked whether I have some Scandinavian ancestors or something. That I look Scandinavian. Not that she'd be the first one to say that. Maybe the people should revise this opinion.
My first passport, issued May 15, 1994. The pic had to be taken a few weeks before, Had an identical one on my then ID.

This pic is +- 1995, I had my hair cut in autumn 1995 and here it's still pretty long. Awful glasses, I look a hundred years older.

My driving license, issued April 1, 1998. The picture was around a year old, thus depicting me at the age of 18. And in the worst stages of my depression. Who says Sweet 18, whhat a beautiful age, in my presence, will get his ears bitten off.

This I got for my second passport, issued April 30, 1999. I got my hair dyed blonde just before my 20th birthday and the hairdresser did a damn bad job, it was orange. It means that when we went to Seychelles, I still had my old passport - I had the hair freshly dyed there. (And it all sucked - not the hair, the islands.)
Mom wanted me to be a little lady. I was quite a good girl then, so I conformed to it. Well, not that I wa forced to wear business suits or someone will cut my legs off, it was more sophisticated. She told me things in very persuasive manner and for whatever the reason, I believed her. I considered her unhealthy emotional attachment towards me normal. O ra sign of love. I think that I sort of freed myself from her shadow when I got kicked out of the university and started to work.
This is for my ISIC card, I got it in my second year at the university, i. e. September 2000. I'll find the student card to illustrate how much I changed in one year. Depressions gone, mainly of all. And a bad hair day. I think that I had a bad hair day every time I went to get a ID pic.

Pic for my international driving license, issued January 9, 2001. Not that anyone would let me drive in Australia for which we were aiming - got the photographs basically for the visa application. I look like a 12 years old boy. Or anything of any sex. Bad hair, bad eyebrows.
My recent passport with a digital print of mt face, cannot scan it better but I think the pic is better on my ID (which is in Prague), issued August 8, 2002. Bad eyebrows.