Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Someone must have hit my head without me noticing.

I just feel bad. Physically. Not that I had any reason to feel too well mentally, after a few hours in company of CorelDraw, dragging rectangles there and back across the screen, most brains tend to change into jelly. But I'm used to it. After 15 years of practice, I can do most of the things without using my brain so it's another pieces turning to jelly. Tendons on the hand holding the mouse or something. Okay, I simply have a headache and it sucks. I tried every available office application, like coffee, more coffee, walk along the corridor (particularly idiotic idea: wet and humid place whereas I have the a/c thing just behind my back), protein bar.... but the only result is that I'll need to set off for outside to get some more protein bars.
Yesterday I made great part of the sleeve of my silk sweater. A few more trashy movies and it'll be ready. The tree pattern looks disgustingly cool. I expect it to be finished soon, there's a few more trashy movies on the tv these days....
And I expect some more yarn, this silk stuff and some cashmere/merino/something mix... I'll be dyeing it first of all so I expect to have damn lot of fun.