Saturday, July 08, 2006

Fridge news and on food in general

As mentioned, I'm staying at my parents'. They harass me and my cat and we happily ignore them. My mom cooks. Every now and then, huge amounts and lots of meat. Meanwhile she whines that dad is overweight and has a high blood pressure and shouldn't eat so much bacon&Co. and that I am obese. In fact, she's been telling me that I'm obese since I was something like 12. There were times in my life when I was pretty fat. Obesity, though, is a medical term, not a short way to say Oh, you have a beer gut. I tried to explain the subtle difference and she argued that I surely am obese because she's not that smaller and has 63 kilos and anyway [mommy is always right] and that I should weigh about 60 to look good. The not that smaller makes 8 centimeters and she's one of those subtle types However, there's the BMI thing and according to that, I'm something like 6 kilos overweight (175 tall, 82 heavy. centimeters and kilos), to be obese I'd have to reach something like 95. Well, those 60 kilos mom would consider good looking for me is still within the range of the medical normal but I would look totally starved, I'm quite massively built. And with her approach to food..... this is a a fridge filled by her. I've added labels, so that you wouldn't guess that there are veggies in the bags. I wanted to get something for the breakfast but there was nothing edible as such. The conservants, as labelled... I have allergy to them so I simply cannot eat sausages or ham, it's made of crap colored pink which grants me two days of stomach pains. The asterisked things were thrown away, the fresh pasta was fresh maybe five months ago and the cheddar was a winter edition with a nice fur on the other side.
In other words, what the hell I'm supposed to eat? The youghurt is not my favorite but it could do. Bacon and eggs... had it a few weeks ago and I don't ned it that often. But could do. Beer with sausages? No way. Butter and mayo? Upgrade necessary anyway. I enriched teh supplies thusly:
Of course, the main comment was What are you going to do with that much carrots. THe iceberg lettuce and the whitey piece (cheese) are a bit gnawed on, I was quite hungry after a whole day of working.
I promised to make some pasta. I had the tortellini on my mind... the only problem was that they started to smell a bit when cooked. I planned to make a nice picture tutorial for Juha, on making sauce, I even started but then mom came to the kitchen, started whinig that I'm making mess, taking things from under my hands to put them to place and to her annoyance I took them again to continue cutting something or whatever. I didn't want to cause conflicts - she would want to have an explanation why the hell I need to take pics of food. She considers blogging and chatting an activity of antisocial weirdos and perverts. Mommy is weird.
However, one sweet little extra for Juha (picture tutorial some other time wheen I'll be cooking and alone): I do lousy things too. I burned my belly. I was pouring the last drops of hot soup to a bowl. Hot soup from a big and hot pot. I needed to hold it with one hand only so that I could scrape the solid pieces out so I had a genius inspiration to lean one handle of the pot against my belly. Of course it slipped and I pressed the side of the pot to my skin (usually I wear an apron when messing around my kitchen.... I did not this time).