Saturday, July 08, 2006

Exciting day

Yesterday I was basically scanning my ass off. Nearly literally, for wahtever the reason (maybe the sound of the light tube moving in the box?) scanning makes you go totally dumb. And then you sit in your not-so-comfy office chair (the state of the chairs here would make a long story), muscles relaxed, brain slowly melting, the wright of the upper part of your body descends onto you poor innocent lower spine and when you stand up to go and make umpteenth coffee, you just scream. On the other hand, there are many time lags. The light tube is moving around in the scanner fulfillinf the Import command (no idea how is it called in Czech, I'm trying not to read the localized version of Photoshop) so I cannot d oanything else in Photoshop. Nor around, it's not worth starting another graphic work in another application because it needs concentration of a sort.
In another words, I spend lots of time hanging around the internet. Yesterday I clicked my way to a knitting pattern for a Viking helmet and the idea really charmed me. Not for some kid but for me. I just haven't discovered where I could wear it without being locked up in some sort of mental institution. And I don't like the colours, I hate brown in al its incarnations with the possible exception of naturally brown things like mud. Maybe i could make it in national colors (but before, I'll have to choose a nation with better taste for them...) and wear it for sports events (...and should start going to sports events).
An extraordinary thing happened. I'm to be met on mIRC every now and then, as everybody knows. And I met a nice and social Swede there - what a rare occurence. There aren't that many Swedes around and if they are, most of them are silent people somewhere in the corner.
Another extraordinary thing happened later on. I needed to get envelopes with the bubble foil inside so I set ot to the torrid heat of July evening. And wanted to look around for some ribbon yarn to make something cool and summery. The LYS (local yarn store for those who don't knit:-)) is in fact in the department store in the same department as curtains and sewing things. I was sort of browsing thru the shelves, there was no-one around and I discovered the silk yarn I ordered via internet.... for almost triple the price. I got pissed off and went home.