Saturday, July 15, 2006


Hate the family gatherings. My cousin is getting married today. Okay, free food and booze, but for what a sort of nuisance. I basically hate weddings. Two reasons: basically Igs where old nosy aunties gather, pry into young people's sexual lives, where one has to pretend being a good girl (old girl maybe, nasty creature regardless of sex, definitely) and the second reason is that spending such a money of which I could live for a year just for some stupid fancy dress and free food and booze for 50+ people is... idiotic. (And, seems to me that now and here, people need not to be married to live happy family lives. Apart from some sort of complicated bureaucracy reasons like Either you marry this guy/woman, awful foreigner, or we'll deport you, to Devil Islands, preferably, I cannot invent any reason for getting married. But opinions may differ and it's your business, people, after all.
Anyway. I picked my matching shoes and handbag to be a proper lady (cough... ehm). I like that Vuitton bag. Normal people, wanting to show that they have some Vuitton stuff, take the shitty brown Monongram something (I have one, too, sort of weekend bag. I need to fix the zipper one day, it was a long weekend or something and I overstuffed that bag.....), but I have this vintage (understand: secondhand... don't know how to cross the words in this editor, it would make more effect).... and the other pic is my normal shoes. Old, worn out, orthopedic. My feet, explaining why I prefer comfy orthopedic shoes. They're not deformed or something and I prefer to keep them that way.
And the contents of my bag. Just to ensure you that I'm not any sort of a lady, no, thank you.
The big black thing is the shift lens. It's gonna be a boring affair so I plan to walk along, go into the art museum (the restaurant is basically enxt door), take some pics of something.... keys, magnetic key to the office where I'm right now to pick my camera, some money (why I have no wallet, it's another and long story, plaster (new shoes), Swiss army knife (should I need to kill someone, cut the plaster or whatever...) and other practical crap.
By the way, I sleep under a roof. There's one of those roof windows and I used to keep ti wide open until today. Today morning I thought I heard the cat miaowing outside (i. e. on the roof). I looked out and down and didn't see her. Went on sleeping. After some time the cat stood on the opened window. I mean, on the glass. She was looking thru it down at me. I grabbed her... well, she apparently had a good time, the birds were screaming more than usual.... Gotta go. I have an appointment with the hairdresser in 10 minutes and I need to buy some knitting needles, want to start some gloves (not during the wedding stuff, mom would kill me, although I thought of getting some small project with me).